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(Android “Pie” Android P)

Android “Pie” Android P Development : It Was first announced by Google on 7 March 2018 and the first developer Preview was released on the same day, the second preview considered beta quality was released on 8 may 2018 and the third preview call Beta 2 was it released on 6th June 2018, fourth preview called beta 3 was released on 2 july 2018 and final beta Android P was released 25 July 2018.

About Android 9 Pie everything : Google’s latest flavour of Android  is jam-packed with all sorts new features including a brand new gesture navigation system, UI elements, and I heap of Under the Hood  tweaks that aim to make this the best version of Android to date.
 OTA image have already Been released, meaning you can grab them and flash Android 9 Pie onto your Pixel or Nexus very second.

Google unveils Android 9 Pie status  at the googleplex : Every new version of Android is represented by a status at Google mountain view campus and with Pie Google has unveiled the Android Pie status.
Google has finally made the next iteration  family official. Android 9 Pie is the new version of Android which comes with lot of new picture and enhancements. Some of the highlight feature of Android 9 Pie are the gesture navigation adaptive battery and New User insurance
Android 9 Pie  is now available to download the pixel smartphone included the last generation a pixel 2 and will also come to Nokia and OnePlus device as well.

Android 9 Pie features : The first feature which you will notice in Android 9 Pie is new navigation feature Google has adopted the new and trending navigation gesture To help the smartphone manufacturer been. The navigation gesture In Android 9 Pie works in different way than you are used to of in your smartphone.
There is an enhanced  smart text selection mode which recognizes the type of text you have selected and suggest you the relevant apps. The Android 9 Pie also support that display cut out an Android smartphone. and it also comes with mechanic learning which helps the various elements in the OS like that Adaptive battery features.
and it also suggest you some thoughts according to your location right into the app travel. Google also said that there are a lot of improvement in the security of the Android 9 Pie.

How to get Android 9 Pie in pixel smartphone : Android 9 Pie was in the beta for quite a long time and more than 100000 People where testing this build before it came out. so if you one of these people running the beta on your pixel smartphone then you can install the final version of Android 9 Pie right away.

About Update : All you have to do is go to the settings then about phone then check for system updates you will see a new update as shown in screenshot you can then download and install the update it will take about 20 min to finish update.

How to upgrade to Android 9 Pie : We could talk about Android 9 Pie all day long but if you don’t know how to actually use the new software for yourself.
most usable likely upgrade to Android 9 Pie via simple OTA update, but if you don’t feel like waiting on Google to server that to you, you can manually flash in your phone, too

Interview with Android UX manager :  Andriod 9 Pie is a big deal for Google between the Gesture digital well being initiative,And more there a lot going on all at once.
Andrew recently has that changed to talk with Android UX manager, EK Chung about all thing get a better understanding of why this is such a big released for company.
This is a longer read but it’s absolutely worth a look you want a deeper understanding of what I went into crafting Pie into the final Build that we have today.


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