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What is Google Adsence



What is Google Adsence

What is Google AdSense:

Google AdSense is a famous ad network, Which Parent company is Google.  It helps us to earn money with our blog. the main work of Google AdSense to give ad on high quality content blogs with high traffic.And revenue generated from these ads is shareabe with blog owners and Google AdSense.  the revenue generated on the blog on the basis CPC (Cost per click) and CPI( cost per impression). The ads shown on blog in form of text ad, image ad, video ad or interactive media content ads.

What is benefits of Google AdSense :

The most profitable part of Google AdSense is that we earn money on our blogs with the help of Google AdSense.When any user Clicks on ad which is showing on my blog then revenue generated with this clics.When we create a blog and when we applied for Google AdSense and after approval of Google AdSense on my blogs the ads become showing and with the help of these ads, we can earn revenue .

How Much revenue we can generate with the help of Google AdSense :

The revenue from Google AdSense on any blogs or websites depends on many factors, the niche of blogs and traffic source and also its depends on geolocation. Indirectly we can say that it depends upon CPC ,CPI and other some factors . Technology,Health,Finance and Legal are high CPC areas ,while jokes, movies, facts are low CPC area.

What Is AdSense pin and why is Necessary :

Adsence pin is a four digit pin which is sent by Google on bloggers address which  filled inside Google AdSense account. These 4 digit pin will be sent by Google when The final revenue on the homepage of Google AdSense account Reached $10 .These 4 digit pin was sent by Google for the address verification. after verification of address a blogger can add their bank account details inside Google AdSense account.

How Payment is done by Google Adsence :

Google AdSense payment process is different for different different country, in many countries payment is done in form of EFT (electronic funds transfer).,Western Union quick cash, and che que.Payment is released by Google when your Google AdSense account crossed the threshold limit which is $100. after crossing threshold limit Google AdSense pay amount in your bank account which is filled by bloggers in their GoogleAdSense account.

When payment is released by Google AdSense:

Google AdSense finalized the payment of previous month on next month 11th Day of  Month.Payment is realesed by Google on 21st day of that month when payment is finalized. It Will Take  3 to4 day from release date to credit the amount on your bank accounts.


What is swift code in Google AdSense:

swift code is used in Google AdSense for the currency conversion. let’s assume you are from India and the Google release the payment from USA or Singapore, then currency is converted from Dollars to INR with the help of swift code.You have to fill your bank swift code during filling out your bank account Detail inside Google AdSense account.



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